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Local radio station KRSN AM 1490 woke me up bright and early out of my social distancing slumber for my first interview since I announced my candidacy back in March. I know I have a great face for radio, so the interview was fun, and it gave me the opportunity to talk about some of the issues I like to focus on.

• Sustainability: Los Alamos has fantastic natural and municipal amenities and outstanding Quality of Life. What good are such things if we don't bother sustaining them or improving them for the next generations who will choose to live here? We can sustain our quality of life through...

• Careful Planning: Proper planning prevents piss-poor parking (pardon me) and other preventable problems.

• Simplicity: Having served a term on the Los Alamos County Council previously, I am cognizant of the desire and temptation for Councils to "leave their mark" on the community. Having served on a functional Council that did a pretty good job for the community in the long run, I've come to the opinion that the best thing a County Council can do first and foremost is take good care of all the "little things"—roads, streets, infrastructure, our aquifer, recreational areas; you know, all of those things that we use every day but mostly take for granted.

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We've been paying lip service to the Environment for five decades. I strongly believe that if we want people to be good stewards of our planet, then stewardship should be encouraged at the personal and local level. Little things like encouraging residents to use our free bus system for the morning commute, or using sustainable or alternative energy sources to take their houses "off the grid" or partially off the grid, can be encouraged by local government, which should help facilitate such personal initiatives through policy or revisions to local building and development codes.

As politicians are prone to doing, I pontificated on a bunch of other things, as well. You can hear the actual interview in its entirety here, and I encourage you to take a listen when you have some time to kill (which is easier to find than usual during these days of social isolation).

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss any issue or need clarification about anything I said. If you like what you heard, consider donating to the campaign.

I'll see you on the campaign trail!

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