Sign of the Times

From a distance, you might not be able to tell that these signs are homemade!

The campaign is in full swing. I was able to get signs up at the "sign farms" in Los Alamos and White rock. Hopefully I've planted these in fertile political soil and they will harvest a bumper crop of votes. While many candidates have chosen to populate the local sign areas with store-bought signs, I like the homemade look myself. To me it shows that I have a personal interest in the campaign and am not just running on autopilot.

That said, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the people who have shown their faith in my candidacy through generous donations. I expect to have a small cache of neat-looking store-bought signs ready for people's yards next week. My plan is for every donor and subscriber to get a sign. Anyone else who would like one, please let me know and I will set you up!

One thing I found very interesting is a comparison of my platform to the platforms of others who are running for one of the three open seats on the Los Alamos County Council. The Los Alamos League of Women Voters has compiled its usual Candidate Guide. For a sneak peak, check out a virtual version of the guide at Follow the instructions and go to the Los Alamos County Council race tab and check out our positions on several key questions. I hope you will agree that my position on the issues is thoughtful and sustainable. If you are in agreement, tell your friends and point them to my website, which outlines my positions, philosophy, and background.

Please keep checking the "Events" section of this site for information about forums and other events. Campaigning in the age of COVID is challenging. Those who would like to help out with the campaign can contact me and I'll have some things for you to do if you are interested.

Thanks again to everyone who has backed my campaign so far with donations, interest, and moral support. It really means a lot!

Stay safe everyone, and I'll see you along the campaign trail!

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